AlleyPets Web Development


  1. HTML: 8 years
  2. CSS: 6 years
  3. PHP: 6 years
  4. SQL: 5 years
  5. JS/AJAX: 4 years

Significant Past Projects

  1. Online arcade with custom-built JavaScript games.
  2. Text-based multiplayer game using PHP
  3. Flash-based survey for soft-drink company (I no longer use Flash)
  4. Wordpress widget "Random Maze"

Ordering Info

Please send a full description of the project you'd like done to I work based on a per-project pricing scheme. I will tell you the exact price I will charge for the project, and I will charge that price upon completion of the project. After the project is completed to your initial specifications, I will give you a preview of the results, and send the full source once I have received payment via PayPal. My PayPal e-mail is


My skills involve programming, not design. I am capable of developing simple layouts, but I cannot develop the type of design you'd expect to see on a modern site. I am capable of quickly developing a working knowledge of any framework based on the languages above. Do not hesitate to ask me about tools such as Wordpress.